I’m currently working on…

…A new YA!


Howdy folks,


I just thought I’d do a little blog about the current YA novel I’m working on. This one got put aside for a while after one rejection too many sent me into a total slump. You know that feeling, when you just ask yourself if all the fretting and frantic writing is worth it? Well, it is. You just have to make it worthwhile for you and not for anybody else. Not an agent, not a publisher, but you.

This whole writing gig began from a deep passion of mine to write stories, right? So what’s changed?


So the working title for this ghostly romance is Prom Spirit. It’s about a 16 year old girl called Jamie, who dies on prom night after a fight with her best friend and boyfriend, only to discover herself alone in limbo, where the world is grey and isolated, and her only companion is…a boy who died on his prom night in the 80s.

Jamie must re-visit the past, present and future alongside 80s boy Zachary, to discover how her death affected the lives of those who loved her – especially her little sister Leah, who must now grow up without her – and to find out how she’ll ever move on to the afterlife  – if there even is one.

But what about mysterious Zachary? Zachary has enjoyed solitude far too long. In limbo, he can forget his past and focus on his love of dancing without the critical eyes of an entire high school to judge him. Shady about his death, Zachary wants to live in the now and forget about the world – both of the living, and of the dead.

Now, he wants Jamie to do the same. But is it easy to just forget everything when your life has been cut short? And what secret is Zachary hiding about his death?

These prom spirits (SEE WHAT I DID THERE!) don’t know why they’ve been lumped together in limbo, but Jamie intends to find out. Ghosts always have unfinished business, right? So it’s their job, together, to discover what that unfinished business is.

Sounds easy…until love gets in the way.


This story incluuuuudes (but is not limited to!):


A small town turned creepy limbo other-world:




A dog called Peanut with a sixth sense:



A gaze at the stars from a quiet, unlit city rooftop all alone:


A  beautiful black prom dress with a green sash:


A couple of small-town friends who are torn apart:


A magical flying moped:


An adorable ghost-boy with all the personality of Duckie from Pretty in Pink (if not that sense of humour – ain’t nobody got his sense of humour!)

and a very fetching 80s prom outfit not too dissimilar to young Duckworth’s:


But with Steff’s hair.

Because we’ve all secretly got a crush on Steff even though he is horrible. No? Just me then:



So there we have it. Just a little teaser about what I’m currently working on, and I hope you think it’s as cool as I do. Though be fair, nobody ever really thinks ANYTHING is as cool as I do, because…well, who says I’m cool?!

Now someone needs to sign me ASAP.








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