“Honest” by Ava Bloomfield

Humbled ain’t the word, folks. Shucks. I’m speechless. Really, truly, thank you, Liis, for giving me such an astonishingly good start. Book bloggers are the future. ❤

Cover to Cover

Source: Goodreads

Where to start…First, let me thank Ava for handing over her book, her hard work and her baby of sorts just so I could read and review. Now, let me explain why I was struggling whether to give 4 or 5 stars as the rating. I went with my gut in the end. I wanted to give it 4 stars because it was so mentally disturbing, but for the same reason of being mentally disturbing I had to give it 5 stars. It well and truly worked. The message was delivered, point taken and mark made! My mind was reeling from the overwhelming try to deal with “What if it was real?”… “It could be real”… “Oh my god, how would anyone survive this pain?”
For a highly empathic person this book will offer an emotional roller-coaster ride and not through fields of unicorns and fluffy bunny rabbits…

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