All Girl Crys - High Resolution

‘My heart thudded as I saw all the bodies pressed against the frosted glass; picked out all the hair and sweaty palms; all the girls craning over one another’s shoulder to see the newcomer. To see me. ‘

 Cover Design by James,

All Girls Cry is a YA contemporary sci-fi novel best described as The Handmaid’s Tale meets Boys Don’t Cry.


Pregnancy is a privilege. Childbearing is an honour. Only the few are worthy, and you have been chosen.

Except Pru doesn’t want to be chosen. She doesn’t want to be pregnant, to have children with “good genes” for middle-class families to be provided with a good, old-fashioned upbringing. Pru doesn’t even want to be a girl. She only wants her old life as a young carer for her mentally unstable mother in East London, where people can fall through the net.

But Pru has bigger problems – not only is she still lost in a sea of confusion over her gender identity, but in a cruel twist of fate, she is accidentally-but-definitely pregnant with her best friend Jimbo’s baby.

To become pregnant outside of the NHP is illegal, so when Pru is picked for the insemination scheme she has precisely zero intention of sticking around. With only her idol Rupert Dean, a Morrissey-come-Billy Idol musician and his lyrics to keep her sane, Pru knows she has a huge battle on her hands to keep her whole world from crashing down around her…


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