Beyond is the story of how two high-school tragedies unite two lost souls in limbo.

Jamie has always lived on the fringe, from her love of obscure music to her job in a fading independent record store. But when she discovers her best friend Tara locking lips with her boyfriend Ted at the prom, Jamie has no idea how far she’ll fall.

Literally. A botched escape attempt over the brook kills her stone-dead, and Jamie wakes up in limbo; the grey, isolated place between life and death.

Here she meets Zachary, a former dancer whose mysterious prom-night death in the 80s was the talk of the dance the night Jamie died. But while she battles with the loss of everything, Zachary only lives in the now. With an eternity ahead of him and his very own flying moped, he’s content to never revisit his past again.

Jamie is determined to unravel the mystery of limbo and go beyond – but first, they both have unfinished business in the land of the living. She’s seen the film Ghost, after all. She knows how this stuff works.

It’s what she doesn’t know that she’s afraid of.


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