Leap - High Resolution

‘Everything swirled; my head was forced backwards by the inertia, and all I could do was wait for it to happen.
Then it did. The impact. The last thing I heard was myself, Tee and Marley screaming. Then I saw the grass verge lurching toward us, and the very large tree, and then I felt the enormous thump, and heard the terrible crunch.
And after that, I didn’t hear anything.
I didn’t hear the cars come to a sudden halt.
Or the people crying.
Or the sirens.
All those sirens.’

LEAP is a family dynamics story, best described as Grange Hill meets Life On Mars.

The year is 1997. Kat Evans is a smart, seventeen-year-old held back by two things: her drunken mother, and her beloved, autistic little brother Finn. Kat gave up her dreams in favour of kicking back with her best friends, but when Kat is the only survivor of a drink-driving accident, both she and her mum realise what they might have lost.

Things get bizarre when Kat is warped back to high school in 1979 and she meets her own mother – the year before Kat is born.

WHY is Kat there, and what is her purpose? WILL she discover who her real father is, and save her mother from an even worse future than the one they’re currently living? WHAT happens if Kat fails?

Suddenly, Kat’s family is more precious than ever. More so when she discovers that ’79 science teacher, Mr. Daniels, has a dangerously fierce hold over her mother.

Kat’s answers lay somewhere amidst Curly Wurlys, school uniforms and Marc Bolan.


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